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  • Interact is a modular software package that can be customized to meet your HMI project''''s particular needs. You can build your application by selecting from a complete family of application modules, ranging from control panel tools to historical trending, machine configuration and networking. Interact抯 modularity allows you to choose only the software pieces you need for your current application -- modules can be added later to meet your future needs.

    The Interact development environment is Windows98/ME/2000/NT/XP compatible and offers a variety of connectivity options for 60+ programmable controllers and factory devices.

    With the convenient MachineShop toolbar, you have instant access to intuitive Project Management and PowerStation Transfer tools that make it easy to manage, create, integrate and transfer your machine applications.

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         Interact Machine Shop Development Software All Modules
         Interact Machine Shop Development Software Base Modules (PTM, GMM, AMM)

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    Dedicated HMI ~ Software
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    Interact Development Software Windows DOS
    Interact Xpress Manager Windows 2000/XP Windows CE

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